2014 World Series preview

The Kansas City Royals will take on the San Francisco Giants in the 2014 World Series.

Hold up. Hold up. (not we dem boyz)

The Royals are in the World Series? You better believe it. It’s been one of the more remarkable stories in MLB history. Nobody saw it coming and out of nowhere, the Royals have been on a miraculous run. They have won all eight of their playoff games. They haven’t lose a game since September 27th. That’s almost a month. They have breezed by the MLB-best Angels and the Orioles. They swept them both away after coming back from a 7-3 deficit to beat the Athletics in a one-game playoff. It’s been one of the crazier rides for a team that nobody saw getting even close to the World Series.

For the Giants, it seems casual at this point. Their run to the NL pennant should not be overlooked, though. They have done it without Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, and Angel Pagan. Madison Bumgarner looks like a top five pitcher in the entire league. They are getting timely hits in clutch spots. Their bullpen has been phenomenal. They went out and beat the Nationals 3-1. They went out and beat the Cardinals 4-1. The Giants find ways to win. Their lineup and their rotation may not scare you, but just like the Royals, they scratch out wins. The Giants are going for their third World Series title in five years. That folks is what we call a dynasty.


Alright, it’s prediction time and for this series you might as well just flip a coin. Who knows? I’m riding the hot hands and the fairytale story that America has fallen in love with. That is the Kansas City Royals. They have captured the hearts of baseball fans everywhere. How can you not root for them and root for Kansas City? It’s been 29 years since they have made the playoffs…PLAY-OFFS?! This city is like a fat boy in a desert. They are thirsty. They are starving for a championship. This year, the wait comes to an end. This pitching staff has been phenomenal. The bullpen has been the best in baseball. They have got hits when they needed them. They find ways to win close games. That is how a championship team wins. There is just too much passion in that clubhouse and mix that with Ned Yost pushing all the right buttons, and you got yourselves a World Champion.

Go crazy Kansas City. You are on your way to a title. It’s been three decades, but this one will be bittersweet.


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