Horrid 49ers loss puts playoff hopes in jeopardy

The St. Louis Rams have an abundance of injuries. Most notably, they are starting third-string quarterback Austin Davis every week. The San Francisco 49ers also are dealing with a plethora of injuries, but still have Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, and all their talented receivers on the field.

The Rams didn’t get the memo.

Talk about a horrible loss for the home team. On third and goal from the one, Kaepernick found a way to fumble the football in the endzone in the final seconds to give the Rams an improbably 13-10 victory. Give credit for the Rams and their defense, which sacked Kaepernick eight times and forced him to fumble it twice, including the game-winning strip on the final play. The 49ers fell to 4-4 with the loss. Any sort of playoff hopes are in serious jeopardy for a team that many thought should be a lock for the playoffs with the talent they have.

Too early to write off the 49ers? Maybe…but look at their schedule down the stretch in the final eight games. They go to New Orleans next to take on the Saints, who are finding their groove and getting healthy. They play the Giants on the road. They will also have to face their division rival Seahawks twice, the 7-1 Cardinals, and play the Chargers as well. That is six tough games and they would have to go at worst 4-2 in those games, which doesn’t seem possible. Anything can happen and the 49ers are going to need to get some guys back on the field, but this team has no explosiveness on the offensive side of the football right now.

There is talent there, but talk about under-achieving. The offense looks dreadful. Jim Harbaugh seems like a lock to leave when the season is over. He will have job opportunities coming at him left and right. This organization is in a strange spot right now. They just signed their young QB to a long-term deal. They may be without a head coach when the season is over. They have an aging running back, who could call it quits soon. Their defense is getting older and their star pass rusher has been a nuisance off the field.

In a very tough NFC West, the 49ers are third in line behind the Cardinals and Seahawks. If they can’t beat the only team that sits below them in the division, they don’t deserve to make the playoffs. Any hopes of writing the ship will have to begin in New Orleans next Sunday.

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