Idzik embarrasses Jets franchise yet again

The New York Jets are 1-7. They have no quarterback. Their second-year starting QB has been benched for a putrid performance yet again on Sunday. The head coach will be on his way out when the season is over, if he even makes it that long. The secondary is the worst in the NFL.

Yet GM John Idzik is proud of the “effort” and “hard work” in the seven Jets moral victories.

Monday’s press conference had all the meanings of a Jets pity party. The GM didn’t announce a QB, he clamored that he’s had success before when he’s never been a GM, and he praised the Jets for a 1-7 start. It’s as if the fan base was supposed to feel sympathy for the GM for his troubles to put together a winning team. $20 million under the cap and has glaring holes at multiple positions. Idzik failed to put together a competent draft. His picks have done absolutely nothing this year. They chose to go with a “hard-hitting” safety in the first round instead of filling one of their holes at receiver or cornerback.

This organization has been run so poorly from top to bottom. It all starts with your QB and the Jets ignorantly continue to express “confidence” in Geno Smith, despite his ability to look like anything remotely close to a starting QB. Does Idzik realize that you need a good QB to win in today’s NFL? There is NOBODY that makes the playoffs anymore with a QB that makes turnovers part of his life on and off the field. It’s PATHETIC what the fans at MetLife Stadium had to witness. Even seeing the game on television was painful. It should have been turned off to avoid nightmares.

So what’s next for Gang Green? Idzik likely stays because Woody Johnson won’t fire him after his second year. Rex Ryan won’t be back next season. Smith won’t be the QB next season. There will be a new coach and quarterback, but who knows who that may be? It looks like Michael Vick will be the starting QB in the immediate future, barring injury, which usually is likely in the case of Vick. Chris Simms could see some time…but Geno. His time is done. They can’t throw him out to the wolves again, because home games have become road games with him on the field. The future of this organization has more question marks than its had in a very long time.

Now THAT is saying something for a team that has failed to win or make a Super Bowl in 45 years.

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