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The reason you are here is probably that you wish to submit us a guest post, right?

But before you log in with your e-mail id and shoot us a mail with your article, please read further.

Here are a set of guidelines that you need to follow in order to increase your chances of getting published, and also a few things that you should know before you get started.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • We give you no guarantee that your guest post will be published by us. Your article will be read and reviewed by our editorial team before moving it to the publishing stage.
  • Since you can see that our website’s main and sole focus is sports, all your articles must address to sports directly.
  • If your article turns out to be an advertisement, a review of a product or a book, or a promotion, we will be bound to discard it.
  • The article should be sports specific, detailed and provide our readers with information they don’t already know. An article that talks about something new which cannot be found on every other sports website or blog will be given more preference than the article talking about a vague subject.
  • Try and make your guest post address current trends, this will make your article more publish worthy.
  • We do not accept plagiarism. We want originality, and we want it from you. If you send us an article that isn’t written by you or has already been published by you previously, we will be forced to discard it.
  • Before you start writing for us, go to our website and see if the topic you have in mind isn’t already posted.
  • Add photos to your post. We want visual elements in your post that break the monotony of your blog, and also because a reader likes an article that has a few visuals in it because a text only article can get monotonous for them to read.
  • We have the right to edit your article in order to make it fit our guidelines. We also have the right to update your article in the future.
  • In case you have any doubts you can send us your idea beforehand. Also, if we approve your idea it does not mean we will definitely publish it. It would depend on your final article because your idea could be an amazing one but your way of putting it out might not be.
  • If you have a problem in understanding the kind of article you should write, read a few of the articles published on the website.

Now while you might think that your guest post is only a benefit to us, it is not.

While we are getting content for our site, you are getting a completely different exposure with your guest post. Your post on the website might attract a lot of audiences since you are a new writer to them they will look you up on your blog and increase your readers.

Your readers will also let you know the kind of articles they would want and about what, this will increase your bucket of ideas for your next guest posts, and make you write in new a better ways.

You can send in your ideas, questions, and posts along with the images as an attachment to

So move ahead and send us your posts.


Team Sports Writer.